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On this page we will continue to publish updates received from Ms. Iwona Przonak-Garcia, Community Outreach Liaison at the Illinois State Attorney General Office.
Na tej stronie będziemy publikować uaktualnienia otrzymane of Pani Iwony Przonak-Garcia, przedstawicielki do spraw kontaktów z Polonią w Biurze Prokuratora Generalnego Stanu Illinois.

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Here you can find information and various forms also in Polish.
Tu znajdziecie Państwo wiele informacji oraz różne formularze także w języku polskim.

Email do Pani Iwony Przonak-Garcia
(można pisać po polsku / you can write in Polish)

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[ Oct 26, 2021 ]

Donating Through Crowdfunding, Social Media, and Fundraising Platforms

You’ve probably been asked to give money to charities, causes, and people in need through crowdfunding sites, social media platforms, and other online fundraising platforms. Here’s how to avoid donating to a scammer.


[ Aug 19, 2021 ]

Updated email address for Mrs. Iwona Przonak-Garcia email (see above)

[ Jul 7, 2021 ]


Individuals Should
Be Wary of Texts from People Claiming to Work for State Agencies

Chicago — Attorney General Kwame Raoul today urged Illinois residents to be alert for text messages from individuals claiming to represent state government agencies. Raoul’s office is warning that the unsolicited messages may be SMS phishing, or “smishing” scams, and people should delete and not open links or respond to such texts.  Read more > 

[ 30 Jun 2021 ]

by Colleen Tressler
Division of Consumer and Business Education, FTC
COVID opened the door for scammers to double down on their worst practices, while preying on consumers during an unprecedented global pandemic. That includes some bad actors who have been taking advantage of online shoppers in search of hard-to-find items like face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE). Today, the Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint against one of those bad actors.
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[ 27 May 2021 ]

by Lisa Lake
Consumer Education Specialist, FTC
People facing difficulties having children often explore fertility products to help them get pregnant. But some products, including some dietary supplements that claim to solve fertility problems, aren’t science-based and can put your health at serious risk.
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[ 21 May 2021 ]

by Emily Wu
Attorney, Division of Consumer and Business Education, FTC
Have you gotten a recorded phone message from “Susie” with the “Vehicle Service Department” calling about your vehicle warranty? That’s, like, so retro. But fanny packs, scrunchies, and tie dye are back — and so are vehicle warranty robocalls.
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[ 6 May, 2021 ]

NEW email address to Ms. Iwona Przonak-Garcia

Call this dedicated toll-free phone number to get a COVID-19 Funeral Assistance application completed with help from FEMA’s representatives. Multilingual services will be available. If you use a relay service, such as your videophone, Innocaption or CapTel, please provide your specific number …

Fragment from the article…
How do I apply?
COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Line Number
844-684-6333   |   Monday – Friday   |   9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time

[ 24 March, 2021 ]

Ignore bogus COVID vaccine survey

Colleen Tressler; Division of Consumer and Business Education, FTC

Scammers are using a new trick to steal your money and personal information: a bogus COVID vaccine survey.     Read more >

[ 16 March, 2021 ]

Free weekly credit reports during COVID extended until April 2022

Now it’s easier than ever to check your credit more often. That’s because everyone is eligible to get free weekly credit reports until April 20, 2022 from the three national credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.  To get your free reports, go to     Read more >

[ 1 March, 2021 ]


Attorney General Kwame Raoul today issued guidance … Raoul is warning that scammers and fake tax preparers are targeting consumers, and urges people to recognize the signs of fraud. Raoul’s office has received complaints from consumers whose tax preparers either refused or failed to provide copies of completed tax return forms and filings. Attorney General Raoul cautions consumers to be wary of tax preparers who charge unexplained fees or do not provide copies of documents. Additionally, Raoul is warning people to avoid costly refund anticipation products and to protect their electronic signatures when they exchange documents online. …. Click here for complete article.

[ 1 March, 2021 ]

Social Security Admiration publication with
10 Tips to Protect Personal Information
and several actions to take if you suspect identity theft.

Direct link: Protecting Personal Information (

[ 23 February, 2021 ]

(Polskie tłumaczenie poniżej.)

The busy tax season often brings a wide variety of scams aimed at defrauding consumers of their hard-earned tax refunds. Tax preparers pitch a variety of products that promise a faster refund – tax refund anticipation loans, checks or debit cards – as a way to receive a tax refund instantly.

Most people do not need a tax refund loan. If you file your tax return electronically, you can get your refund very quickly—in approximately two to three weeks—without getting a loan. You can find an organization willing to help you prepare and file your taxes for free by calling the Center for Economic Progress at 312-252-0280 or visiting this website for resources near you:

The following is the link to the new Refund Anticipation Loan materials website:

See also the flyer.


Sezon rozliczeń podatkowych często wiąże się z różnorodnymi oszustwami, których celem jest oszukanie konsumentów z powodu ich ciężko zarobionego zwrotu podatku. Podatnicy przedstawiają różne produkty, które obiecują szybszy zwrot – pożyczki, czeki lub karty debetowe, które przewidują zwrot podatku – jako sposób na natychmiastowy zwrot podatku.

Większość ludzi nie potrzebuje pożyczki na zwrot podatku. Jeśli składasz zeznanie podatkowe drogą elektroniczną, możesz otrzymać zwrot bardzo szybko – w ciągu około dwóch do trzech tygodni – bez uzyskiwania pożyczki. Organizację chętną do pomocy w przygotowaniu i rozliczeniu podatków za darmo, możesz znaleźć dzwoniąc do Centrum Postępu Gospodarczego pod numer 312-252-0280 lub odwiedzając tę stronę internetową, aby uzyskać zasoby w pobliżu:

Poniżej znajduje się link do nowej strony internetowej z materiałami dotyczącymi pożyczki z oczekiwaniem na zwrot:

Zobacz także broszurę.

[ 17 February, 2021 ]

This is just another example of a text message scam related to stimulus payments/financial relief.  A link takes a recipient of the message to a form;  the payment info (and probably other personal data) is required to “claim the payment”.

[ 11 February, 2021 ]

by Jim Kreidler
Consumer Education Specialist, FTC
You’ve heard of romance scams. But do you know how they happen? They start when scammers create fake profiles on dating apps or social media. Then, those scammers strike up a relationship with their targets and work to build trust. Sometime later, they make up a story and ask for money. Read more >
Not love, actually
by Jim Kreidler
Consumer Education Specialist, FTC
Valentine’s Day is this weekend, so over the next three days, we’re talking about romance scams. Lots of people have profiles on dating apps to meet someone — maybe even more so in these virtual times. And many people have built successful relationships from an online start. But what if, instead of finding a potential partner, you find a scam?  Read more >
No new immigration relief yetby Emily Wu
Attorney, Federal Trade Commission
You might have seen that the President recently sent a new immigration bill to Congress. What does that mean for you if you’re a non-citizen in the United States? Right now, the truthful answer is likely nothing — at least not yet. But scammers won’t tell you that.  Read more >