Officers and Board Members

Term: 2019 – 2021

Polish American Congress Illinois Division held elections on 26th of March, 2019.  All officers were elected for two-year term.

(Update: Sergeant at Arms position filled.)
(Update: Change in the First Vice President position.)

Photo taken during the swearing-in ceremony.
(From left) Jacek Graca, Irene Hercik, Jolanta Grocholska, Ewa Cholewinski, Michael Niedzinski, Anna Zalinska, Bogdan Struminski, Jan Plachta, Albert Niedzinski, Bozenna Haszlakiewicz, (Frank Spula, President of the PAC).  Not pictured: Walter Bochenek, Jane Kulibaba, Alina Mikołajczyk.
Photo taken immediately after election results were announced.

(From left) Jan Plachta, Bozenna Haszlakiewicz, Anna Zalinska, Jolanta Grocholska, Michael Niedzinski, Jacek Graca, Ewa Cholewinski, Irene Hercik, Jane Kulibaba, Walter Bochenek.  Not pictured: Alina Mikołajczyk, Albert Niedzinski, Bogdan Struminski.

(Not  pictured above)

Alina Mikołajczyk

Roman Korczak

  • President  –  Michael Niedzinski
  • First Vice President  –  Walter Bochenek (*)
  • Second Vice President  –  Jacek Graca
  • Treasurer  –  Ewa Cholewiński
  • Financial Secretary  –  Jolanta Grocholska
  • Recording Secretary  –  Jan Plachta
  • Corresponding Secretary  –  Albert Niedziński
  • Vice President (5)*  –  Bożenna Haszlakiewicz, Irene Hercik, Jane Kulibaba, Alina Mikołajczyk, Anna Zalińska
  • Sergeant at Arms  –  Ed Praznowski  (**)
    Mr. Praznowski passed away in January 2021
  • National Director (4)  –  Irene Delgudice Moskal, Andrzej Gędłek (Mr. Gedlek passed away in April 2020), Anna Wierzbicka, Walter Żarnecki
  • Executive Director – Roman Korczak (Nominated by the Executive Committee)

(*) – Effective February 24, 2020 Mr. Walter Bochenek assumed the position of the First Vice President after Mr. Bogdan Struminski submitted his resignation. Prior to this change Mr. Walter Bochenek held the position of the Vice President.

(**) Position fulfilled by the Board nomination and members approval at the meeting on 26 Sep 2019.