Member Organizations

PAC-IL Organization Members for year 2019.

Note that not all organizations have their own web sites.
If any of the below information requires update please contact PAC-IL

Alliance Communications Inc
Alliance of Polish Clubs in the USA
Alliance Printers&Publishers (Dziennik Zwiazkowy)
Amber Coalition
Council 120 of PNA
Council 3 of PNA
Council 41 of PNA
Council 75 of PNA
Council 91 PNA
District 12 of PNA
Klub Wojewodztwa Bialostockiego
Klub Ziemi Lubelskiej
Kolbe School of Polish Language
Kolo Solidarnosc
Lodge 101 of PNA – WICI
Lodge 1450 of PNA – Chicago Society
Lodge 1474 of PNA – Faith and Fatherland Society
Lodge 1776 of PNA – Liberty Society
Lodge 1792 of PNA – Love of Fatherland Society
Lodge 2514 of PNA – Giewont Society
Lodge 257 of PNA – Tadeusz Kosciuszko Society
Lodge 2993 of PNA – The Charles Rozmarek Society
Lodge 3237 of PNA – Emilia Plater
Lodge 3250
Lodge 3278 of PNA – Husaria
Lodge 3279 of PNA – Friends of the J. Conrad Yacht Club
Lodge 877 of PNA – Thousand Braves
N.G.M. Anders
Polish American Engineers Assn.
Polish American Police Association
Polish Army Veterans Assoc., Post #90
Polish Highlanders Alliance of America
Polish National Alliance
Polish Roman Catholic Union of America
Polish Student Leaders Assembly
Polish Teachers Association of America
POLONIA Ensemble
Siberian Society of USA