The Polish American Congress, Illinois Division, is a “Statewide Umbrella” Organization, representing a political lobbying force of at least one million Americans of Polish descent and origin.

PACNationally, the Polish American Congress of the Illinois Division (PACIL) is part of an organized network of 18 state divisions, all of which are comprised of nearly 10 million Polish Americans and over 3000 Polish American organizations and clubs, ranging from national fraternal benefit societies, such as the Polish National Alliance, Polish Women’s Alliance, Polish Roman Catholic Union, Polish Falcons and others, including veteran, cultural, professional, religious and social associations. Each U.S. resident can also become an individual or an associate member of the PACIL organization.

When organized in May of 1944 in Buffalo, NY, The Polish American Congress adopted two major complementary agendas: the Polish one – to help Poland in its great hour of need and the American one – to unite politically the Polish American Community.

Today, the new mission of the Polish American Congress above all, is the Agenda of Polish Americans – to improve the political, economic and social status of the Polonia in the United States of America.