Declaration of Support for Jewish Community

June 1, 2021


WHEREAS, we view with great concern the ever-growing wave of anti-Jewish sentiment, Anti-Semitism and outright hatred, in the USA and numerous other countries. We observe, with great dismay, the rise of violence against Jews and are deeply troubled by the fact that this hatred, this cancer in our society has met with minimal criticism at the highest levels of USA government, and is even supported and promoted by few elected officials, with minimal criticism by their peers.

WHEREAS, what started as the horror of Kristallnacht, culminated in the Death Machine of Concentration Camps where millions of Jews and Poles suffered untold atrocities and died at the hands of the German Nazis during World War II. Heroic Poles such as Witold Pilecki and Jan Karski tried, in vain, to warn the USA government, and the world, of the impending disaster. Just like in the 1930’s, too many people turn away, cower and are silent on what is happening today, be it the media, the politicians or individuals. We, Polish-Americans, members of the Polish American Congress, Illinois Division, remind people everywhere that we MUST learn from history or inevitably, we will repeat it.

THEREFORE, be it resolved; Inspired by the life and teachings of the former Pope, St. John Paul II who was universally recognized as a World moral leader, committed to fighting prejudice and hatred, the Polish American Congress, Illinois Division, reiterates our support for, and wants to make it known that we stand in solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters in these troubling times. Let us renew our commitment to never again have the world look away as our Jewish neighbors are under attack.

Michael M. Niedzinski
Polish American Congress, Illinois Division

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