Newly Elected PAC-IL Executive Committee Sworn-in

(From left) Jacek Graca, Irene Hercik, Jolanta Grocholska, Ewa Cholewinski, Michael Niedzinski, Anna Zielinska, Bogdan Struminski, Jan Plachta, Albert Niedzinski, Bozenna Haszlakiewicz (Frank Spula, President of the PAC)

Polish American Congress, Illinois Division held elections on 25th of March, 2019.  All officers were elected for two-year term.

Mr. Frank Spula, President of the Polish American Congress, lead the swear-in ceremony on 29th of March, 2019.

In attendance were also Dr. Marek Rudnicki, Polonia liaison with Polish Senate, and guests from the “Wspólnota Polska” Association in Poland – President, Mr. Dariusz Piotr Bonislawski and Treasurer, Mr. Tomasz Rozniak.  Mr. Bronislawski wished newly elected members success in their efforts for the benefit of Polonia.

Elected officers are:

President – Michael Niedzinski
First Vice-President – Bogdan Strumiński
Second Vice-President – Jacek Graca
Treasurer – Ewa Cholewiński
Financial Secretary – Jolanta Grocholska
Recording Secretary – Jan Plachta
Corresponding Secretary – Albert Niedziński.
Vice-President (6) – Walter Bochenek, Bożenna Haszlakiewicz, Irene Hercik, Jane Kulibaba, Alina Mikołajczyk, Anna Zalińska

Executive Director – Roman Korczak (Nominated by the Executive Committee)

(Not  pictured above)

Jane Kulibaba

Alina Mikołajczyk

Roman Korczak

Just before the swearing-in ceremony, newly elected PAC-IL officers met with Melissa Conyears-Ervin, Candidate for Chicago City Treasurer. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Frank Spula and it was also attended by  Mr. Steve Tokarski, Treasurer; Alicja Kuklinska, Secretary and Ms. Alicja Otap from Dziennik Zwiazkowy.